Our Service

Application Review & Verification:

We recognise the need for a complete service in offering our customers a variety of ways to apply for an EHIC (which is free) and at the same time offering a review and verification service which can check that all the required information is available - IE no omissions and secondly check and identify any mistakes and manually intervene and correct these before submitting the Application to NHS.

How to Apply for the EHIC:

  • At the Post Office® - You can collect an application form and post it yourself or you can use the Post Office® Check & Send service, where they will check the application form and post the form off for you. This service offers the convenience, ease and reassurance that the form is completed correctly and the charge is £2 per application form. Your application should be processed within 21 days.
  • By Telephone - You can telephone the NHSBSA automated EHIC Application Line on 0300 330 1350. Your application should be processed within 10 days. There will be no charge for making your application in this way.
  • Online - You can use the NHSBSA website which can be found here to apply for your EHIC. There will be no charge for making your application in this way and you should receive your card(s) within 7 working days. Alternatively you can use our application service. Customers utilising the E111 application service can normally expect to receive their card(s) within 7 - 10 working days. Prior to forwarding your application to the NHSBSA our fully trained staff will examine your application for errors made during the application process, such as undeliverable addresses and incorrect eligibility ages, for example. A processing fee of £14.95 will be charged to cover administrative and operational expenses.
Worry Free Application:

We believe we can take the hassle out of the application process particularly when there maybe difficulties with connecting with the NHS website and / or telephone call centres.

Let us take the stress - we will process your application in our time making sure you are not kept hanging about and having to repeat "logging on" or "ringing up" frustrating and wasting your valuable time.

IMPORTANT: This website is not connected to or affiliated with the National Health Service, the Department of Health, the NHSBSA or any other official Government body. You can apply independently and free of charge for EHIC by visiting the official website which can be found here. E111 is an unofficial third-party data processor for EHIC applications.